Tour de Burren 2009 – on yer bike!

Views of south Galway on the Tour de Burren
Spectacular views on the Tour de Burren

Aillwee Cave Family Loop The annual Tour de Burren cycle is taking place on Saturday June 20th and is tipped to be the biggest gathering yet with hundreds of cyclists expected to take part. The cycle is this year being sponsored by An Post as part of the An Post Cycle Series which is taking in Cork, Sligo, Waterford and Meath this summer.

There will be an extra route on the list this year with 3 routes to choose from:

  • Aillwee Cave Family Loop (10km)
  • Corkscrew Challenge (60km)
  • Burnin’ Burren (120km)
Getting ready for the road
Getting ready for the road

The cycle has grown hugely popular over the past 6 years and is complimented by visiting participants every time on the excellent organisation and support given to them during the trips. It’s also a chance to take in some of the most beautiful scenery the west coast has to offer. 

For full information including maps of routes, fees, refreshment stops, places to stay, sign-up info and of course the all-important post-cycle barbeque, check out the Burren Cycling Club website at

5 thoughts on “Tour de Burren 2009 – on yer bike!”

  1. i *may* be interested steph…. unsure of the dates at the mo’

    that aside i’m also stuck on whether to do the 10km cycle or the 60km… i only just got rid of the grifter too so the newly acquired mountain bike might leave me just going for the craic. But as it stands I’m up for it.

  2. pedal pedal pedal pedal!

    Unfortunately I won’t be in the country for this but I’ll mention it to the many young men with warped minds and indelicate bottoms in the UL Mountain Biking Club.

  3. @peter Ah go one, it’ll get them buns of steel in great shape!

    @dawn Aw, I had banners made n all for ya. Next year I guess :(

  4. i mught like to do it….. but i think my ‘bicycle’ may only be able for the ‘family’ cycle…. maybe if i remove the basket it will improve aerodynamics ?!

  5. @peter And head to toe spandex number too will improve windspeed no end. Rob me dad’s bike – it’s worth more than his bloody car…unless Ford Scorpios are considered collector’s items or not…

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