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Dolly Mixture 21.01.10 – FOWD, fonts, HTML5

London - such a pretty city
London - such a pretty city

Finding out that FOWD 2010 will be in London from Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th of May via a Facebook mailshot this morning. Fingers crossed I can save enough pennies to go!

WOO Themes have released a ‘lifestream‘ WordPress theme which is quite cute.

FontShop on 2010 typography trends, some lovely blocky fonts in there.

YouTube starts to embrace the lovely HTML5.

The fabulous Luka Bloom plays in the Button Factory on Friday March 26th.

The joy of sharing

According to Mike Walsh’s Futuretainment, the original Sony Walkman was designed to have 2 headphone jacks. This makes me feel a little less guilty and shy about owning one of these.

Sharing is often a good experience. Sharing your tunes with someone can be heaps of fun. Take a magical mystery tour through someone’s iPod on shuffle and revel in the tales of why and when you both bought that same obscure album. Brilliant fun.

3.5mm splitter in Maplins: less than a fiver. Exposing a closet Gareth Brooks fan: priceless.

Cork International Choral Festival 2010

The 56th annual Cork International Choral Festival is taking place next year from April 28th to May 2nd.

The programme of gala concerts has just been announced and includes:

  • Gala Opening Concert – Fleischmann Choir, Cork School of Music Symphony Orchestra and the Dachau Liedertafel Choir present Gala Fleischmann Concert
  • National Chamber Choir of Ireland
  • Anúna
  • Fleischmann International Trophy Competition
  • Closing Gala Concert

12 choirs have been selected from around the world to participate in the prestigious Fleischmann International Trophy Competition. Finland, Germany, Japan, Singapore, The Czech Republic, Norway, Slovenia, Philippines and Ireland will all be represented.

If you and your choir want to take part in National Competitions, you’ve got until January 31st to submit your application – all the info is here.

Looking forward to it already!