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I’m in

After weeks of fixing, scrubbing and building one of everything from Ikea, I can finally say I’m in the new gaff.

I’m officially a southsider, a towny in the making.

I finally live within walking distance of work and shops and other places that are useful which rocks.

The place is completely upside down with all of my clothes spewing out of suitcases and rucksacks and barely an inch of floor space to be seen anywhere apart from the bathroom and the hallway.

But I’m in. All of me is finally under one roof and this make me very happy.

See you for tea soon (soon as we find the tea).

Not enough hours in the day

Most of my time outside of work at the moment is filled with sorting things out for moving house. Most close friends will testify to this as they’re probably now sick of hearing “no not in yet, need to sort a, b, c & d” first.

Moving house is a pain in the bum. Through the changing circumstances of friends and others around me I’ve had to move house during the last two summers. I always forget how much stuff I have, I forget how long it takes to pack, I forget how much cleaning, sorting and nesting needs to be done before a new house becomes home. And that’s *after* you find somewhere to move to.

Now more than ever it feels like there’s not enough hours in the day. There’s so much good stuff on like the Carlsberg Comedy Carnival and the Festival of World Cultures. I have a stack of blog posts, articles and books I’m egging to read and now that the world cup is over good movies are hitting the cinemas once more. I haven’t had a chance to get to grips with the new version of WordPress yet or written about useful geeky things I’ve come across at work. I haven’t had a chance to get a haircut!

Hopefully in about 2 weeks time this will change. Living in town is going to give me back on average 2 hours per day. That’s a gain of 14 hours a week.

I’m determined to make good use of this gain. It’s probably going to be a challenge given I could easily spend one of those extra hours a day in bed in the morning by delaying the alarm clock!

It’s going to be an interesting and hopefully fruitful challenge.



So I’m moving in just over 2 weeks time. Not very far but still, it means packing up my material world & then unpacking it into my new place. To say I hate moving would be a massive understatement. I loathe it.

Moving on up?
Moving on up?

The loathing is mainly caused by the amount of stuff I have. 7 years of renting in Dublin means I have accumulated quite a lot of gear. When I moved last summer it took my poor dad 4 trips with his big-ass Ford Scorpio & a lot of lifting. Since then I’ve been to Ikea twice & that’s enough said right there.  I want to do a serious clear-out this time around & need some advice on the hows and wheres of recycling my unwanted gear.

  • Clothes - I have lots I want rid of. Not torn or destroyed, just well-worn. Who should I give to/where/how?
  • Books - talking nerdy stuff here that’s probably out of date such as the Director MX 2004. Straight into the recycling bin or stow away in the attic to laugh at it in years to come?
  • Packing - considering using those vacuum bag things but haven’t used them before – are they any good? Any caveats/recommendations ?
  • Moving - (all going well) I’m moving to a house within the same little development I currently live in. It’s a 5 minute walk from my 3rd floor apartment down to the house around the corner. A shopping trolley would be ideal for moving but sadly, I don’t own one. Ideas for an alternative or have you got a trolley I can borrow?

Advice on any of the above would be superb, particularly the clothes side of things. Oh and of course, like I said last time, I’m never moving again :)