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Linder Gallery painting a clue to Lost season 6?

During the week, a rather bizarre email arrived via the Linder Gallery website, mysteriousmasterpiece.com, pointing out how the painting had been featured in a teaser video for the final season of Lost.

So how did I come across this? The Linder Gallery website is a project we launched at X Communications a few weeks back. The painting is a fascinating work created almost four hundred years ago by an unknown artist although there are many theories and ideas being explored.

Here’s the video that was sent over:

You can read an excerpt of the email on the Linder Gallery blog. I’m not sure what to make of it, particularly since my interest in the TV series died around about season 2. Why that painting? And who was able to identify it, if indeed it was ‘spotted’ by the fans? Is it all a hoax?

Mysterious masterpiece indeed :)