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Spare tickets for Science Gallery ‘Infections Laughter’ tonight

So I accidentally bought tickets for the “INFECTIOUS LAUGHTER: Members’ Only closing party – with added George Hook!” event that takes place at the Science Gallery. Here’s the skinny from their website:


LOL@the Gallery. Can you be infected by laughter? How does a joke spread? Join this members’ only event to mark the end of the INFECTIOUS exhibition at Science Gallery. The ticket price of €10 (with 10% discount for members) entitles you to entry to the event and a first come, first seated place at the IS LAUGHTER CONTAGIOUS talk. This lively discussion, chaired by Newstalk presenter and rugby pundit George Hook, will look at how laughter spreads, how it is being researched and how laughter has inspired works of art.
Speakers include INFECTIOUS curator Luke O’Neill, Sophie Scott – who will present her laughter research and also ask the audience to participate and artist Piero Steinle, who has presented his work “The Triumph of Laughter” around the world.

The INFECTIOUS LAUGHTER event continues with a talk by Professor Richard Wiseman – please note that you need to buy a separate ticket for this event. (And this where I went ‘oops’ & bought those tickets.)

Tickets are €9, I have a pair and I’m pretty sure it’s all good to attend once you’re  a member. I’ll be heading over there for 6ish, leave a comment, pop me an email to steph@iamsteph.com or a tweet @cloudsteph and I’ll put your name on them.

If you’re heading for the Science Gallery later, see you there :)