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My first album – Mariah Carey. What was yours?

My first musical purchase
Mariah Carey on cassette

When I go home to Clare, I often find myself taking a trip down memory lane in some way.

Today I was poking around looking for something when I stumbled upon the first musical purchase I ever made. It’s Mariah Carey‘s album Daydream on cassette. A bit scratched and dusty but still playable. Released in 1995, I remember buying it just before Christmas and playing it to death on the giant stereo in the living room to the point where my sister wanted to unravel it.

The musical snob in me is disgusted and disappointed that it’s not something awesome and hip but after listening back to it, I forgive myself – it’s seriously catchy stuff and it is so typical of the era. I’m slightly shocked that I remember nearly all the words and every Mariahesque lilt but then again I’ve always had a weirdly accurate memory for musical things.

Here’s my favourite song from the album (for shame!). I challenge you not to start chair-dancing to it with me. If you’d rather the roller-blade, crop top, 90s-fest video, here you go.

So come on, spill, what was your first album/single you bought? Could it be any more cheesey or embarassing than Mariah Carey?

The Waterboys: Glastonbury Song

All the talk on Twitter about The Waterboys earlier brought this tune stomping back into my head & it refuses to leave. I had forgotten how much I love their music. Not sure if there’s some connection or something we don’t know about but down home these guys always seemed to feature frequently on local radio growing up, namely Galway Bay FM (Clare FM is out of range in parts of The Burren – random factoid!).

They’re one of those bands that there was consensus on when travelling in the car with mum or dad – the radio always got turned up :) Good memories, great tunes, should be a really great gig at the Galway Arts Festival at the end of the month.

Mike and Steve are both on Twitter, their rather nifty website is here and @darraghdoyle is meeting Mike later for an interview for culch.ie so keep an eye on that over the next few days for the results. Vive les Waterboys :)