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FoodCamp and Facebook

I must look hungry :) #foodcamp  on TwitpicSo I’m off work for a week and a bit and have decided to throw myself into FoodCamp, an event that’s part of the Savour Kilkenny festival.

I’m no food blogger or chef but I love food. Food is quite possibly my greatest weakness.

I’m still not entirely sure what to expect but I’ll be tweeting away on @cloudsteph for the day in case you’re curious. If you’re down in Kilkenny at the same thing today do say hi!

Over on the nerdy part of my¬†existence¬†I’ve posted up how to disable Facebook Places and tagging now that Places is rolling out in Ireland. If you don’t want your over-sharing buddies tagging you when you go for that sneaky pint on a schoolnight I suggest you update your privacy settings :)