I never win anything. Aside from the fiver in the Christmas Day scratchcard tradition after dinner I never strike lucky.

So I was dumbstruck a month ago when I won a big fat voucher for Ikea. Dumbstruck and delighted with the timing having just moved house and needing to finish furnishing it.

On Monday I won a beautiful pair of leather boots from Clery’s by liking a photo on their Facebook page. Brilliant timing as I was window shopping for a pair for the winter.

Yesterday my mother insisted that I buy a Lotto ticket. She is convinced strange things like this come in threes so she even texted me after work to remind me to do it. So I did for the laugh. And I just found out I won €3.

So there you go – it ain’t just the bad stuff that comes in threes after all. Nice one, universe.

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