Sucked into a time-warp

Doing some researching and reading for work today I stumbled on some very old school websites in need of a facelift to say the least. Particularly surprised by the government ones. Retro has an ugly side.

  • Copyright Association of Ireland (featuring some broken links)
  • Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment (many pages date-stamped as last udpated in February 2004 and you can review the website here apparently)
  • Digiprove – never heard of them and I’m not sure what exactly is on offer but it’s another for the web design time machine circa the 90′s
  • And while I’m at it, I’d just like to say for once and for all, why can’t Jakob practice a little more of what he preaches? Yellow and blue backgrounds? Really? Usability faux pas? I think so. Call me, we’ll sort it out.

Now where did I leave my infomration super-highway ticket?

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