Required: lovely person for little favour in Cork on May bank holiday weekend

City Hall, Cork. City Hall, Cork.

So I have a little prediciment that I need help with, specifically from someone lovely living in Cork city who will be around about for a while on the following times on the May bank holiday weekend to hang on to a set of keys for me:

  • ¬†Evening of Friday May 1st
  • Late morning/early lunchtime of Saturday May 2nd

Why? I plan to go to Cork for the Internation Choral Festival & had hoped to stay with my sister who lives opposite the School of Music. As luck would have it, she has to travel to Clare to play at a church wedding that’s happening Saturday morning. All her mates are out of town studying like mad for exams that weekend so we’re stuck for a way to get her apartment keys from her to myself.

I sadly don’t have any connections left in Cork myself so I’m wondering if there’s some lovely person/people out there who could save my bacon and hang on to keys for me on Friday evening and I’ll collect them on Saturday morning/lunchtime?

If you think you can be my little saviour, drop a comment here or an email to Thanks :)

Update: I’m not a total wagon, there will be gifts & thanks abound !

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  1. I’m actually not too sure if Heather will be in Cork for the weekend. The mammy is harassing her to come back to Wexford for that weekend to celebrate my 21st. I’ll let you know in a couple of days once she makes her mind up. Little sisters… they’re a bit silly

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