Motorcycle Emptiness & awesome driving songs

Talk of Manic Street Preachers the other day got me thinking about my favourite Manics song, Motorcycle Emptiness (sexier official video here) & in turn other great songs for the road. Here’s some of my other favourites:

  • Boys of Summer, Don Henley
  • She Bangs the Drum, Stone Roses
  • Take It Easy, The Eagles
  • Highway Star, Deep Purple
  • Dangerzone (Top Gun soundtrack)
  • Driving Home For Christmas, Chris Rea (seasonal obviously)

What are yours? *update: will compile list of all songs thrown into comments so off you go now & start listing!*

2 thoughts on “Motorcycle Emptiness & awesome driving songs”

  1. These are hardly the whopping classics you’ve listed Steph but, when heading to Galway, I wouldn’t survive that wretched stretch from Ballinasloe to Oranmore* without em.

    Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun
    Interpol – Slow Hands
    Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Gone Gone Gone
    Deus – Instant Street

    *no offense to anyone from here, I just start to fade at this point in the journey.

  2. @ Celine: awesome choices & yes, the stretch from Ballinasloe to Oranmore = utter pain. I’m going to compile the complete list once I get a few more together :D

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