Irish Web Awards – looking forward & looking back


Hard to believe it’s almost a year since I took my precious styrofoam W home from the first Irish Web Awards. It has even survived moving house with me.

Last October I headed along to the Irish Web Awards despite being stood up at the last minute. It was my first “internet event”. I was but a fledgling Twitter user and barely cutting my teeth at blogging (not much of a change there!). Despite that, I was surprised by how many faces and names I recognised. First and foremost, it was great to see so much wonderful local web design and development talent on show getting recognised. It was also a great opportunity to meet with other people in various aspects of the web industry from designers to bloggers to project managers to programmers and many others. In short, I had a brilliant time and here’s hoping for more of the same tomorrow night.

Still undecided?

Here’s what Alan thought, what Phil thought and captured, Alexia has words and videos, see how SpunOut made their mark, the master of ceremonies with some unique captures while Sabrina quite enjoyed it too. There’s plenty photos on and Flickr too.


Grab one here & remember to bring along your printed ticket on the night.

Running order, untuxedos and cake – the important stuff  all listed.

See you there :)

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