Web dev for iPhone

iphoneI’ve spent some time this week developing HTML templates for an iPhone version of a web application we’re working on at X Communications.

It’s been a really pleasant experience thus far. Having only one (reliable) browser to test in and being able to take advantage of some lovely CSS3 properties has been just fabulous.

Better yet there’s loads of documentation out there, mostly supplied by the good folk at Apple.

Below is a list of some of stuff you might find useful for similar projects:

Happy coding!

One thought on “Web dev for iPhone”

  1. I’ve only just started iPhone programming (using x-code and all the tools Apple provide, free). Nothing too difficult yet, using their basic 2d rendering and what-not. But my god is it made very easy by Apple. I haven’t had to buy a book yet at all!

    …though their video tutorials are hosted by some really annoying dudes…

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