Look, mummy – no float!

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Lesson number 2 came around very quickly. So quickly I barely got my bit of practice in 2 nights previously which turned out to be invaluable despite how stupid I felt splashing and coughing by myself much to the amusement of the (what I’ll for now politely call) “onlookers”.

To rob a soundbite from the fabulous This Is Pop Baby‘s production Alice in Funderland, “there’s no cliché without fire” and yes it seems that practice makes perfect. Or at least helps you on your way in this case.

I’m shocked that little over 2 hours into the 6 hours of beginners lessons the floats have been abandoned and my fear of water has subsided significantly. It helps that there’s a lack of a deep end too :)

I’m now at the stage I was when I last tried to learn about 15 years ago. I never got the hang of turning to breath but I’m hoping it’s down to the lack of opportunity to practice. Some people have laughed at me when I say I can’t swim having grown up on the west coast but I challenge any of them to even go knee deep without going blue all over.

It’s a fascinating learning experience. I’ve realised that most of it is a psychological battle rather than a physical one. Like if you’re exhausted after only one length it’s not purely because you’re unfit, it’s because you’re going too fast rushing to the other end to get up to breathe. And a bit of water in your mouth, nose and ears is fine – you’re not going to drown!

Fingers crossed we all get through another week as optimistic and with as much enthusiasm to nail it!

Week 2 verdict: practice makes practice makes practice makes it better :)

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