A landmark day

Finally time to have your say. Get out and vote today if you can – there’s many around the world who dream of the chance to do so in their own country.

Conf 2 Sat morn_4180
Getting political at the Labour Party National Conference 2009

If you didn’t get a polling card just go to your polling station with photo ID before 10pm.

It’s also 2 years to the date since Joe Rospars gave “a talk” on his work on Obama’s campaign aka the launch of the new Fianna Fáil website. I wasn’t impressed. Neither was another blogger that I bumped into there called Darragh Doyle.

How time flies. Happy Friday.

One thought on “A landmark day”

  1. I’d be more excited if any of the alternatives were in the slightest bit better than what we’ve just had.

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