Reading week

specsBorrowing the term from college days when most students would have a week free of lectures to do assigned reading I’m declaring this my own ‘reading week’ of sorts.

I was a serious bookworm up until about Leaving Cert time hit and the whole experience almost completely put me off reading. I struggled in college to read what I needed to read – at least half of those were software manuals and the other sociology and communications books.

Since leaving college I have a trail of half-read books in boxes and on shelves that have moved house with me a handful of times and I’m now determined to get my reading mojo back. Part of the reason why I’m doing so this week is because I finally sorted myself out with some badly needed new specs which should make the task a bit easier!

On the list for completion are Futuretainment and Don’t Make Me Think. Once they’re ticked off I’m getting stuck into A Book About Innocent. Should keep me out of trouble for a while :)

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