Photo peeps – your advice needed

Some of the last photos I printed
Some of the last photos I printed

Lately, I’ve been falling back in love with photography. Not that we ever fell out, just drifted apart for a while if you will.

I’ve always had an interest in it. I bought my first camera when I was about 10, a purple 110mm which I adored & took everywhere with me. When that broke (and I was too) I used 35mm disposables. Friends got me a Kodak APS with zoom (fancy!) for my 18th birthday from which I have loads of photos stashed away at home in Clare. My parents bought me the digital one I have now for my 21st and it’s pretty decent as compact digitals go. And now I want to upgrade again.

So - what & where should I be looking at for an entry level D-SLR? I’ve had a hankering for one for ages but I don’t spend large amounts of money on gadgets unless I’m going to put them to use. The reason I think that I don’t print photos any more is because the camera I have just isn’t delivering the level of quality I can be happy to frame or stick on my wall & I really want to start printing photos again.

Lately I came across this box of photos & found the contact sheet whereon a photo of 2 people very dear to my heart peered out. I really want to get a copy of it printed so that’s my next challenge to you photographers & enthusiasts - where (in Dublin preferrably) can I take my APS film to get decent prints?

It’s hard to beat stumbling over a box such as the one above and rooting through it to find all sorts of gems (& bombs of course) while taking a little trip down memory lane. It’s a wonderful social thing too – when visiting a friend lately I was handed a photo album for the first time in ages & thumbing through it sparked all sorts of weird, wondeful & unexpected little conversations that only pictures could inspire.

All your thoughts & advice much appreciated – see you on a photowalk some time soon I hope :)

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  1. Hmm I was just looking over on at some second hand kits people have for sale :)

    I ended up getting an FZ-28 a short while ago (no its a bridge camera not a dSLR) with an 18x optical zoom. But you know what … for the sheer handiness of being able to take it places and not have to cart spare lenses and so on around with me its great. :)

    Most of the photos on my account were taken with it. Bought it on ebay and came to around the 300 euro mark but … its not a dSLR

    These days I’ve got a hankering for a proper dSLR but then I’m not using the bridge enough to warrant it.

    As for printing … they’ve got two kiosks in my local tesco … but of course they only accept bluetooth WTH! … I’d prefer someplace I could just pop into and get the shots there and then.

  2. I bought my first DSLR about 2 years ago now and like you I did some research before hand- I went with a cannon 400D and I love it, I still haven’t read the manual but that hasn’t stopped me being able to take some lovely pics
    I’ve uploaded them onto redbubble- a great site for photographers & artists & a big online community through the various groups.
    The site allows you to upload quality high res pics & you & your fans/customers can order prints online in various formats too- laminated prints framed prints & greetings cards too- it’s well worth checking out :)

    good luck snapping :)

  3. If you’re going for a separate body, separate lens then I recommend going for one of the two best – Canon or Nikon. Which model? Doesn’t matter. Remember that a good lens on a cheap body is better than the other way around.

    I use a Canon, but Nikons are great too. Which one you buy will determine what lenses you can get in the future but both companies make great products.

    If you can get one on loan from a friend, try it out and see if you like it.

  4. First question – what’s your budget? That will determine which Canon you should get… or Nikon. I just prefer Canon, but at the end of the day it won’t matter that much – you will get to know the one you buy and eventually love it as much as you would if you got the other, probably.

    As I enjoy Canon cameras I can suggest that you go for one of their low-end models such as the 1000D or 500D; similar to the ones I started out with.

  5. I can highly recommend the Canon EOS 1000D as a starter model.

    It’s essentially the same as the 400D with some slightly reduced specs, mostly in areas that you will not be using though (e.g. the speed of RAW per second) unless you are going to go at least semi-professional. Its CANONs answer to the pleas for an entry level decently priced DSLR with the quaility of their higher range models.

    We got ours from and I have to say I love it, been using it on our travels in sunny and colourful Morroco as well as on the other side of the spectrum, to an indoor winter wedding in Poland.

    We went for a body and 18-55 kit lens, and as an added bonus, I can now reuse any of the old EF lenses that came with the non digital SLRs (still have an old EOS body for film).

    If you are intested, I can bring ours into work and you can have a look at it.


  6. I am a Canon fan, but I have to agree, that you get used to what you use. has some good deals on used cameras, floor models and such. I’ve picked up used lenses, and peripheral equipment that would otherwise have been too expensive for me.

    I’m a middle-of-the-road sort of photographer. Definitely not professional, I mostly use photos to back up my sketches when I paint. I expect some detail and quality to my prints, but I have paint and canvas to buy so I hunt for good prices and don’t shell out too much on the camera.

    I just upgraded to a Canon SX, but started out on the 1000D. Photos looked good with the 1000D when printing at home with photo paper. Dig around on the internet, whichever camera you decide on. There are good deals all over the place.

  7. Thanks everyone for all the comments, really really helpful – will digest & come back with more questions! Happy Friday :)

  8. Hi! (lovley to have met you)

    APS film can be developed in Boots of jervis street to my knowledge. Boots is also one of the better priced for photo dev.
    For all other things photo films, cameras and advice I recoomend going to Gunns on camden st (across road from whelans/solas) and talk to the guys. it’s a family run bussiness and they are VERY helpful and upfront about stuff photographic.

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