Michael Jackson RIP

To me Michael Jackson has always stood out as one of the most amazing singers ever to grace the charts, particularly in his youth. A gorgeous, raw, spectacular talent the like of which only comes around once in a blue  moon. Few voices have ever made hairs stand on end the way his voice does.

As Darragh wrote on Culch.ie earlier, his passing & how it spread like wildfire across the various online streams is remarkable in it’s own way. Radio shows have all been touching on the story throughout the day & from what I have read and heard the general mood of people seems to be one of sadness & sympathy that he led a life dogged & affected so negatively by media intrusion from such an early age.

The Telegraph online reports that a flashmob organised over Twitter, Facebook and other social media streams is being organised for 6pm on Liverpool St in London. People are gathering to do his trademark “moonwalk” before attending a party to celebrate his life. Richard Galbraith is apparently going to Qik it live here.

RIP MJ, thanks for the music.

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