I’m heading home this weekend to relax, repair & shake off the weeks since I was last down there. It’s a strange place, but strange in a positive way. Peaceful, raw, beautiful, easy-going & calm while a vibrant, energetic creative current ripples quietly beneath. A place hard to put into words which is probably why it appears in art & music so often.

I’ve often taken it for granted as is easy to do when you grow up in a place & spend the best part of 17 years waking up to such scenery. I left the place 7 years ago this month & sure enough with every year that passes I enjoy getting back there more & more. Roll on Friday.

One thought on “Headspace”

  1. Having had all my holidays when I was younger around Ireland I can say that I have been to most counties and probably enjoyed most of it, even though I wanted to be going to Spain or France like my friends.

    The problem with that is that I don’t actually remember all of those holidays and now that I’m older I want to do it all again.

    I want to go to places like this.

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