Bad head day

Grumpy morning face
Grumpy morning face. Nice!

Today is just one of those “not going my way” days thus far. Being on a downer is often contagious so I always try to contain the thing within the confines of my head by sticking the headphones on and keep human contact to a minimum until the worst of it has passed. You have to limit the spread of the thing or your downer will only multiply if it sees it has company. And the last thing you want is a bigger one.

Everyone has their own remedies for such days – chocolate, cigarettes, over-dosing on LOLcats, happy tunes on the iPod, a spot of unplanned retail therapy on your lunchbreak. My cure is a good chat in good company – so hallelujah for BTW later on! Best thing to get the cloud moving is get out and surround yourself with some good folk (& maybe even some beers), let the chat flow and all will be well again. See y’all at Howl later *sans* grumpy face :)

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