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Wish you were here

At the risk of having very much over-sold Cerys Matthews’ gig the other night (and in turn her new album) I feel a duty to write a quick post that will outline part of the reason why her gig was so moving for me the other night.

The 21st of June – the longest day of the year – holds some bad memories for me. In short, while en route to a family funeral on June 21st 2007 I answered a call from my dad where he told me that his cousin whom I was very close to has passed away. A bad day, thankfully I haven’t seen the like of since and hopefully will never see again.

I’m not sure if it was the unexpectedness of her passing or the fact that there were two hugely emotional losses so close together that I feel I haven’t yet gotten over her death.

Sitting in the National Library on Monday night as Cerys sang the opening bars of Spancil Hill with her acoustic guitar I was transported directly back to sitting in her beautiful cottage in Clare around Christmas. She would organise a gathering of the family circles to sing songs, read poems and tell stories. No televisions, no phones, just people enjoying each other’s company and talents. It was magic.

The same week I find myself wishing hard she was still around for a chat, a cup of tea and a slice of her honest opinion.

Isn’t it amazing the impact people can have on you?

Wherever you are AnnaMay, I hope the sun is shining on you. Wish you were here.