U2 360 at Croker – my review

Cutting to the chase – how good was it? So good I’m searching for tickets to go again on Monday night. If you got any or any leads on a pair, please please please email me, tweet me or┬áleave a comment.

I’m still reeling. I’m pinching myself looking at those photos, looking at videos on YouTube, wondering did I just dream I was there. I think I established over the past week on the blog that I’m not a U2 fanatic, not a die-hard lover of the lads (shoot I didn’t think their latest album was any good so I didn’t buy it!) but I am a fan of their music & their shows & my did Friday’s gig satisfy that.

U2 360
While a healthy helping of the new album was dished out, a good selection of older songs including four from The Unforgettable Fire album made for a tasty setlist, in my opinion. For someone who didn’t warm enough to the new album to go add it to my record collection, I was quite impressed when I heard the songs live & could yet make the purchase! Personal highlights included really lovely semi-acoustic (if that’s a term!) renderings of ‘Desire‘ & ‘Stuck in a Moment‘, ‘Where The Streets Have No Name‘, ‘The Unforgettable Fire‘ & ‘With or Without You‘. Yet again I was hit with the realisation of just how big their back catalogue is & how many different setlists you could come up with for a 2 hour set. Not sure if that makes it easier or more challenging but it’s a credit to them either way!

The Hogan Stand & U2 360 stage
The stage was a phenomenal sight – at times it looked like some kind of robotic crustacean that would start walking down the pitch at any given second, other times like some kind of crazy, sci-fi temple with the spire of mirrorballs pointing way up into the night sky. The vortex-like 360 degree screen was pretty breath-taking stuff, not quite PopMart now but bloody big & used to great effect! Bono’s LED-enhanced rig-out for Ultraviolet was pretty awesome, if a little Christmas-y :)

Darkness falls on U2 360
As with the last time, I left the place buzzing. Exhausted but buzzing. Hard to believe another 4 years has passed by. And it could well be another 4 before I get the chance to do it again if ever so I’m going to do my best to get another round in before they leave town. One of the most enjoyable & memorable events in a long time – well done guys, long may you do what you do & I think the 3 live U2 newbies I had with me would agree.

Lots of lovely videos on YouTube, setlists from Friday & Saturday here. Pix.ie has a great range of photos from the gig too. If you’re going Monday night, have a blast – fingers crossed I’ll be there too :)

*Note on the photos I took – none of them have been touched up or anything of the sort, they didn’t need it, the set was so fantastically photogenic! If only every subject was as easy…

2 thoughts on “U2 360 at Croker – my review”

  1. Very nice photos, thanks for the review, sounds electric, raise the hair on the back of one’s neck good. Watched some of the videos on you tube, seems like it was a real sing-a-long from the crowd.
    Hope you get those tickets !

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog, U2 were amazing on Monday night… some of your pictures are pretty good too… I have subscribed to your blog and will get a wee link to it in my sidebar later tonight…

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